Instructions and Application Forms

The City of Mount Vernon is an Equal Opportunity Employer

City Job Application (in PDF Format)

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In addition to the City Job Application, applicants are requested to complete and return the following documents with the job application:

                   1.     Criminal History and Background Check
2.     Pre-Employment Drug/Alcohol Testing Consent Form
3.     Request for Employment Information and Release of Liability

Submit completed job application,
authorizations, and releases to:
 City of Mt. Vernon, Illinois
Human Resources Department
1100 Main Street, PO Box 1708
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864
(618) 242-6810  Phone
(618) 244-8910  Fax

Please check back in the future for additional postings.

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How to Apply:

Police, Fire, and Telecommunicators – Applicants are hired from an eligibility list.  Eligibility lists are established every two years, or when the list is depleted.  Advertisement for applicants will appear in the local and area newspapers and will be posted at City Hall.  The selection and appointment of sworn police officers and sworn fire personnel shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Board of Police and Fire Commissioners. 

All Other City Positions – Recruitment of personnel is normally through advertising in local and area newspapers, professional publications and/or through job applications kept on file in the Human Resource Department.  Applications are retained for a period of one year.   The Director of Human Resources will keep an open file on applications.  Applications will be received at any time for City positions except for sworn fire, police, and telecommunicator personnel.  As a result of a single application, a candidate will be considered for positions in which the applicant's principal qualifications apply. 

City of Mt. Vernon Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

Address: 1100 Main Street, Mt. Vernon, Illinois 62864
Telephone #:      
618 242-6810

City of Mt. Vernon Contact Person: Cheryl Conner, Director of Human Resources      

Policy Statement

It is the policy of City of Mt. Vernon to provide equal employment opportunity in City Government for all persons; to prohibit discrimination in employment based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, marital status, or disability; and to promote the full utilization of all incumbent employees in the City.  City of Mt. Vernon will follow this policy in recruitment, hiring, promotion into all classifications, compensation, benefits, transfers, assignments, tours of duty, shifts, layoffs, returns from layoff, demotions, terminations, training, educational leave, social and recreational programs, and use of City facilities.  It is not the intent of this policy to permit or require the lowering of bona fide job requirements or qualification standards to give preference to any employee or applicant for employment; however, we will take positive affirmative measures in accordance with the prevailing Federal and state law to recruit minorities, females, and persons with disabilities to all levels of City government.  Any employee of City of Mt. Vernon who fails to comply with this policy is subject to appropriate disciplinary action.


City of Mt. Vernon is committed to making its workforce profiles more closely reflective of the available labor force in the community.

Steps to Achieve Objective

The following steps will be taken to address the underutilization of minorities in the City’s workforce.  The City will:

• Identify, contact and advertise open positions at minority organizations.

• Attend trainings on diversity recruiting strategies

• Provide opportunity for employees in all job classifications to upgrade their skills and improve their career opportunities through training

• Review recruitment and retention efforts and apply information derived from exit interviews to efforts to improve retention.

• Explore new methods to recruit employees

• Review and update annually the City’s recruitment methods, practices and policies to promote equal employment opportunity through recruitment efforts.

• Monitor recruitment policies and procedures to determine if recruitment efforts are enabling the City to meet and maintain objectives.

• Provide EEO training to supervisors and managing directors on EEO policies, processes, documentation, interview processes, and employment requirements.

• Offer City-sponsored trainings to our employees on diversity.


 The Director of Human Resources will be designated to implement the Equal Employment Opportunity Program for City of Mt. Vernon.


• Include the statement “We are an equal opportunity employer” on all job announcements, “City of Mt. Vernon is an Equal Opportunity Employer” on recorded job listings and “EEO” on all employment ads.

• Post the EEO plan on the City’s web site.

• Include on all job announcements, and post at the City’s job board, information explaining how applicants and members of the public may obtain a copy of the EEO plan.


 • Conspicuously post the EEO policy on bulletin boards throughout the City.

• Post the EEO plan on the City’s intranet site.

• Inform all new employees about the EEO plan, and how they may obtain a copy, at the new employee orientation.