Brad Ruble

City Engineer


City Hall

1100 Main

P. O. Box 1708

Mt. Vernon, IL  62864
Phone: (618) 242-6830
Fax: (618) 244-6836

The main duties of the Engineering Department are planning, designing and supervising construction of City infrastructure improvements including streets and thoroughfares, water and sewer systems and other public facilities.  The engineering department also conducts and directs field studies, surveys and other field information for use in public infrastructure improvements and any other proposed projects.

The Engineering Department prepares drawings and overlays for reports, maps, charts and other illustrations, and prepares and maintains up-to-date maps of the City's thoroughfares. underground utilities and zoning.  Engineering responds to questions from residents and contractors regarding City utility locations and construction requirements.  The department develops long range planning reports on projected municipal needs.

Engineering reviews and evaluates subdivision and building plans for conformance with City Ordinances and makes recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council.

The Engineering Department issues excavation permits when residents or contractors will be opening earth on public lands (City Right Of Way) and also conducts inspections on these permits to ensure that the construction is done in compliance with City Ordinances.