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    The Mt. Vernon Fire Department has 33 full-time personnel:  the Fire Chief, the Assistant Fire Chief, the Fire Prevention/Inspector/Lead Training Officer, the Fire Prevention/Inspector/Lead Paramedic, 3 Shift Captains, 9 Lieutenants, 15 Firefighters, 1 Mechanic and 1 Administrative Assistant. 

    There are 3 shifts, with 1 full-time Captain and 3 full-time Lieutenants on each shift.  Each shift is on duty 24 hours, off 48 hours.  

    The primary responsibility of the Mt. Vernon Fire Department is public safety, especially the preservation of life and property.  The Department provides this capability 24 hours per day, 7 days per week from 4 fire stations, strategically located throughout the City.  The Department provides fire suppression service to more than 16,000 persons within the City of Mt. Vernon.  

    In addition, the Fire Department provides Emergency Medical Services to residents in Mt. Vernon.  Currently, 18 Firefighters are State of Illinois Licensed Paramedics.

    Providing a key role in the safe and efficient operations of the Mt. Vernon Fire Department is the Preventative Maintenance Program, supervised by Mike Burk, Mechanic.  Mike began employment with the City of Mt. Vernon in 1984.  He became Mechanic for the Fire Department in October 1999.  The pumpers are service tested annually as required by standards set by the Insurance Services Organization (I.S.O.).  The Department's two ladder trucks are tested and certified annually by Underwriters Laboratory (U.L.).  Mike supervises all repairs and service work on all Department vehicles.

    Carla Page began employment as Secretary for the Fire Department in August 2000.  In June 2004 she was promoted to Administrative Assistant.  Carla is responsible for all administrative aspects of the Department and oversees timely completion of all reporting requirements, including payroll processing, purchasing, budgeting and all clerical duties.