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CDAP Housing Grant: A Step Towards Improving Housing in Mt. Vernon

Mt. Vernon, IL Nov. 17, 2023 - The City of Mt. Vernon is excited to announce the upcoming CDBG Housing Rehab Grant Public Hearing, which will mark the first step in the application process for the much-needed CDAP Housing Grant. City Manager, Mary Ellen Bechtel, and Mayor John Lewis are urging all residents of Mt. Vernon to attend this crucial event.
Scheduled to take place at City Hall, located at 1100 Main Street, on Monday, November 20, at 6:30 p.m., the public hearing aims to gauge the interest and needs of the community. Mayor John Lewis emphasizes the importance of community involvement, stating, "We value the input of our residents, as they are the heart and soul of our city. Their attendance at this public hearing will demonstrate their commitment to improving the quality of housing in Mt. Vernon."
The City of Mt. Vernon is determined to secure the maximum grant amount of $650,000, which will be matched by $20,000 in local funds. City Manager, Mary Ellen Bechtel, explains, "These funds will enable us to address critical housing issues and enhance the overall living conditions for our residents. We are dedicated to making Mt. Vernon a place where everyone can thrive."
Over the years, the City of Mt. Vernon has been successful in obtaining 8 housing grants, resulting in the allocation of more than $3 million in grant funds since 2002. These funds have been instrumental in renovating homes throughout the city, ensuring that residents have safe and comfortable living spaces.
If awarded, the CDAP Housing Grant funds will be utilized for a variety of essential improvements, including siding, windows, roofs, floor coverings, bathroom rehabilitation, furnaces, water heaters, and more. The specific upgrades will be determined based on the unique needs of each housing unit. Crosswalk Community Action Agency will administer the grant application and implementation of the home improvements.
The City of Mt. Vernon encourages all residents who are interested in the quality of housing in their community to attend the CDBG Housing Rehab Grant Public Hearing. By actively participating in this event, residents will play a vital role in shaping the future of housing in Mt. Vernon.