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The Inspections department checks construction, remodels and additions that require a permit. Inspectors work with homeowners, contractors, and developers to ensure all work done at a property is safe and up to code.

When do you need an inspection?

  • During a remodel – any time a wall, floor, or ceiling is opened up and before insulating or re-covering the affected area
  • After excavation, but before any footers or foundation walls are poured
  • Before any underground utilities are covered up
  • Before insulation is placed in the walls or ceiling, and/or before drywall is placed for non-insulated walls
  • After completion of any fire-rated walls
  • Before anyone moves in

When work is completed, you need to schedule a final inspection. Once the inspectors give final approval, we will provide a Certificate of Occupancy.

How to Schedule an Inspection

You can request a building inspection by calling 618-242-6830. Please call 48 hours before you want an inspection. You will need to provide your permit number, project address and the type of inspection you need.

 Remember, you may need to get an inspection at different times during a project and when the project is completed. It is the permit holder or property owner’s responsibility to get all necessary inspections.

Types of Inspections

Concrete -Structural Rough - Prior to the pouring of any concrete footings, piers or foundations, the inspector needs to see that the proper depth, width and location are maintained. They also verify that the reinforcing is as indicated on the approved permit drawings.

Electrical Rough -  Prior to the application of any wall or ceiling coverings. The inspector needs to check all electrical revisions, rewiring or piping work. The electrician must be present on-site at the time of inspection. 

Electrical Final - At the completion of the electrical work, all devices must be installed, protected with required cover plates, etc. and in proper working order. 

Fire Prevention - The Fire Prevention Bureau must be contacted separately for all inspections of exit signs and lighting, fire suppression systems testing, and fire alarm system testing.

Framing Rough - After the structure is framed, but before the insulation or gypsum wallboard is applied. This includes any ceiling enclosure. 

HVAC Rough - The inspector needs to see the installation of all equipment, piping and duct work prior to any wall, floor or ceiling coverings. 

HVAC Final - At the completion of all connections and HVAC work. Occasionally, a test and balance report will be required prior to occupancy of the space or building. 

Roofing - Photo document any roof sheathing replacement, ice and water shield installation at eaves/valleys, felt paper installation, roof vent/drip edge/flashing installation, insulation installation (if applicable) and the completed roof. Send photos to the assigned inspector on the day of the inspection.

Siding/House Wrap - Prior to siding being installed. 

Solar Panels - Photos of the existing electrical service showing required clearances and grounding requirements and the entire new PV system showing required grounding, bonding and labeling. Due to the number of pictures a link to the photos may be needed as it will be too large as attachments. 

Final - At the completion of the general work, when all wall and ceiling coverings have been finished, all stairs: handrails and guardrails have been installed and all life safety and accessibility issues have been completed.