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Rend Lake Conservancy District

The Rend Lake Conservancy District manages many utility and government functions around the lake including water conservation, water treatment, water distribution, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, recreation, land management, tourism and economic development. 


The Rend Lake Conservancy District is a multi-county regional government organized under the Illinois River Conservancy Act. The Board of Trustees consists of 7 members appointed by the municipal and county governments within the district. The City of Mt. Vernon is represented by three trustees. Two of those trustees are appointed by the Jefferson County Board. The Mayor of Mt. Vernon appoints the third trustee with the advice and consent of the City Council. The remaining four trustees are appointed as follows: one by the City of Benton, one by the City of West Frankfort and two by the Franklin County Board. Each trustee serves a five-year term.

For more information on the Rend Lake Conservancy District Board of Trustees, please visit or contact the administrative office at 618-439-4321.


  • 4th Monday of every month

  • Rend Lake Conservancy District Administrative Office
    11231 Marcum Branch Road
    Benton, IL 62812


Name Position Appointed by Term Ends
Todd Thomas Member City of Benton 7/1/2028
Paul Lawrence Member City of West Frankfort 7/1/2026
Nicholas LeMay Vice President City of Mt. Vernon 7/1/2027
Dr. John Spence Member Franklin County 7/1/2027
Robert C. Walton Jr Secretary Franklin County 7/1/2027
Michael Warren President Jefferson County 7/1//2025
Ernest Collins Member Jefferson County 7/1/2024