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Plans, Reports and Studies

Housing Study

This study estimates the need for future residential development in Jefferson County, Illinois. The purpose of
the study is to establish a unified vision for future housing developments in Jefferson County and establish a
roadmap to complete this vision. The study focuses on the residential, economic, and demographic status of
Jefferson County, and uses these findings to provide the highest and best use for the available land within the

Bicycle Master Plan

Mt. Vernon is working on a bicycle master plan in collaboration with the Greater Egypt Regional Planning and Development Commission, on behalf of the City of Mt. Vernon and the City of Benton. The goal of the plan is to guide future improvements for bicycles in Mt. Vernon, with strategies for short, intermediate, and long-term implementation. The plan will involve assessing existing bicycle facilities and roadways, as well as proposing specific infrastructure projects. It will also consider connectivity to regional bike trail networks. The planning process began in Summer 2023 and is expected to be completed by late Spring 2024. Community input will be crucial, with an Advisory Committee and opportunities for residents, organizations, and businesses to provide feedback through meetings, surveys, and public open houses.

Comprehensive Plan

In February and March 2022, the City of Mt. Vernon conducted 14 community listening sessions and gathered input from the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and Executive Staff. Based on this feedback, they created 99 goals to be achieved over the next 10 years. These goals are categorized into seven major plan elements, including:

  • Housing
  • Community development and communications
  • Economic development
  • Land use
  • Parks, recreation and events
  • Public safety
  • Infrastructure

Each goal has specific objectives to guide the actions needed to achieve them. The goals were evaluated to ensure they align with the community's direction and the City Council's priorities. This comprehensive plan, titled "Your Vision, Our Mission," serves as both a roadmap for the city and a call to action for the Executive Management Staff. The plan was adopted by the City of Mt. Vernon in October 2022.

Downtown Greenspace

The City of Mt. Vernon is excited to share the proposed design for the new downtown greenspace. It is the hope of the city that this space will be used for a range of activities from picnics to festivals. 

Illinois Public Act 97-609 Employee Compensation Report

State law requires that employers participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund to list the total compensation package for each employee making over $75,000.00 per year.

Lead Service Line Inventory Report

In 2023, residents of Mt. Vernon participated in a Cross Connection/Service Line Material Survey, providing valuable information about the materials used in their service lines. The responses from this survey were compiled into a Lead Service Line Inventory Report, as mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency.