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Building and Construction

The City of Mt. Vernon is dedicated to serving the needs of our residents and providing essential services to our community. Explore the various sections and services we offer below:

Building Codes

Explore the building codes in place in Mt. Vernon, ensuring that construction projects meet the city's standards for safety, quality, and compliance.

Building Permits

Discover information about building permits in Mt. Vernon, including the application process, requirements, and regulations that ensure the safety and quality of construction within our city.

Conditional Use Permits

For projects that require conditional use permits, our resources help you understand the application process and how to meet the specific criteria for approval.

Demo Permits

If you're planning a demolition project, our demo permits section provides insights into the necessary steps, documentation, and regulations to ensure the safe removal of structures.

Electrical Contractor Application

Electrical contractors operating in Mt. Vernon can find information on applying for licenses and permits, ensuring compliance with electrical regulations.


Our dedicated inspection services team is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and compliance. Learn more about the inspection processes and how we work to maintain the integrity of our community.

Sign Permits

Obtaining sign permits is essential for businesses and organizations looking to display signage within our city. Explore the sign permit application process and guidelines.


Because of complex zoning rules, it can be hard to understand what steps you need to take to ensure your project meets all of the zoning requirements. Learn more about what zoning is, why we have zoning rules, and pending zoning applications.