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Nuisance Code Enforcement Worker

Pay: $14.00 an hour

Job Type: Seasonal, Part Time

Department/Division: Inspections Department


  • Typical working shift is 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday. May require some evening and/or weekend hours
  • Part-time seasonal position
  • FLSA Exemption Status: Non-Exempt


Under the direction of the Building Inspector, performs various tasks related to enforcement of nuisance code violations and the cleanup of City property.


  • Mowing, trimming and removal of grass, weeds, bushes, trees, limbs, evergreens, etc.on City and private property.
  • Painting City signs, guardrails, etc.
  • Maintenance and repair and cleaning of mowing equipment
  • Cleaning, organizing and proper caring of tools and equipment
  • Picking up of garbage, litter, debris and other materials from City and private property
  • Assist Nuisance Code Officer with the posting of  code violations
  • Other assigned and related duties


  • Valid Illinois Driver’s License
  • Ability to work independently and efficiently and problem solve without direct and constant supervision.
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with the general public and fellow employees.


  • Ability to pass basic reading, writing, and mathematics exam


  • Move heavy objects (50 pounds or more) short distances (20 feet or less).
  • Move light objects (less than 50 pounds) long distances (more than 20 feet).
  • Bend or stoop repeatedly or continually over time (i.e., picks up trash from road side, works under equipment).
  • Lift arms above shoulder level holding objects (50 pounds or more) (i.e., throws bags and loose trash into a truck, enters the cab of a vehicle).
  • Moves shoulders and arms in circular and sideway motion (i.e. laying concrete and operates heavy equipment).
  • Moves shoulders and arms in circular and sideway motion (i.e. laying concrete and operates heavy equipment)
  • Climb up and down ladders or steps
  • Enter the cab of a vehicle that is 5.5 feet off the ground.
  • Ability to stand, sit, reach, grasp, lift/carry, walk, climb, kneel, squat/bend, and push/pull.
  • Use written sources of information, e.g. read reports, procedural documentation, reference materials
  • Perform detailed work requiring visual acuity, e.g., repair electronic equipment
  • Use non-verbal auditory sources of information, e.g., alarms, beepers, pagers      
  • Work safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others.       


  • Residency within the limits of Jefferson County is required of all City Employees.

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