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Fireworks Permit and Training

Firetruck with American Flag


In the city of Mt. Vernon a permit must be obtained to sell consumer fireworks.

You will need the following documents and fees:

  • completed application
  • copy of certificate or registration under the Illinois Retailers Occupation Tax Act
  • complete inventory of all fireworks to be sold or offered for sale
  • Certificate of Insurance showing a one million dollar general liability policy
  • Written lease or written evidence of permission from the owner of the location where the fireworks are to be sold
  • $1,000 cash deposit for applicants who reside outside of Jefferson County ( this will be returned after 30 days and in full if no violations are committed.)

Once you have gathered the above items, you must file them with the city Fire Chief and pay a non refundable fee of $25.00. A permit will be issued within 15 days from receipt of the proper documents and completed application if the applicant and location are in compliance with city ordinance. A permit is good for no more than one year and will expire on April 30th.

Please read the city ordinance on fireworks to ensure that you understand all of the rules and regulations.


Every June the Mt. Vernon Fire Department offers a free Consumer Fireworks Training classes for anyone interested in obtaining consumer fireworks training certification. This certification is required by law to purchase, possess, and/or display 1.4G consumer fireworks in Illinois. The training will cover the law pertaining to fireworks, city ordinance as well as the safe handling and display of consumer fireworks.

More information on the upcoming classes will be posted once available.