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Animal Services

The City of Mt. Vernon has established animal regulations to reduce problems that can result from keeping animals in an urban setting.

On September 1, 1999, the City of Mt. Vernon entered into an agreement with Jefferson County to provide animal services to residents and assist in the enforcement of City ordinances.

Persons with a complaint about animals may contact the Jefferson County Animal Shelter at (618) 244-8024

Number Of Animals

No person shall keep six or more dogs and/or cats over the age of four months unless properly zoned, licensed and lawfully operating under the Illinois Animal Welfare Act (225 ILCS 605). Ordinance Chapter 90, Section 5

Chickens And Other Farm Animals

No person shall have or keep any cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, or any other animal that creates any offensive smell or noise or creates any public health concerns. Chickens are allowed but must follow the previously stated guidelines. Ordinance Chapter 90, Section 5

Animals Running At Large

No person shall permit any animal within the City kept, in the care of, or owned to be or run at large upon any street, sidewalk, park, public place, or public property. Running at large is defined as an animal not restrained by a rope, line, leash, chain, or other similar means or not under the immediate control, restraint, command, or outside the property of the owner or person in charge of the animal. Ordinance Chapter 90, Section 15