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Sign Permits

The City of Mt. Vernon has a separate sign ordinance to regulate all signs within the city zoning jurisdiction.

You may need to apply for permit to install a sign and will need staff to review your proposal. You can submit an application online or download and submit it in person to the Engineering and Inspections office.

For information about sign permits and when they may be needed, please contact the Building Inspector.

Signs Not Subject to a Permit

Not every sign will require a permit. Below is a list of signs that do not need a permit. 

  • Signs not exceeding one square foot in area and bearing only property
    numbers, post box numbers, names of occupants of premises, or other
    identification of premises not having commercial connotations.
  • Legal notices, identification, informational, or directional signs erected by
    governmental bodies.
  • Signs not exceeding one square foot directing and guiding traffic and parking
    on private property, but bearing no information advertising a product or service of
    or identifying the property on which it is situated.
  • Decals and/or logos affixed to windows or door glass panels, such as those
    indicating membership in a business group or identifying credit cards accepted at
    an establishment which do not advertise a product or service of or identify the
    property on which it is situated.
  • Handicapped Parking Space or Towing Notice signs as permitted by the
    Illinois Vehicle Code.
  • Private Drive Signs - On-premise private drive sign limited to one
    per driveway entrance, not exceeding one square feet in area per sign.
  • Public Signs - Signs erected by government agencies or utilities, including
    traffic, utility, safety, railroad crossing and identification signs for public facilities.
  • Security and Warning Signs - On-premise signs regulating the use of the
    premises, such as “no trespassing”, “no hunting” and “no soliciting” signs that do
    not exceed one sign per street frontage one square feet in area on residential
    properties and one sign per street frontage three square feet in area on nonresidential properties.
  • Temporary Signs

Public Notice - Burn Ban

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